Hokusai – Ara Pacis Museum from October 2017

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Hokusai – Ara Pacis Museum from October 2017


Hokusai. In the footsteps of the Master on display in Rome at the Ara Pacis Museum from October 12, 2017 to January 14, 2018.


Throughout 200 works the exhibition Tells and compares the production of the Master with that of some of the artists who have followed his footsteps, giving rise to new lines, shapes and color balance within the classical strings of the nuke.
It has its universal fame at the Great Wave part of the Thirty-Six Mountain View of Fuji Mountains and the influence its reproductions had on Parisian artists of the late nineteenth century, including Manet, Toulouse Lautrec, Van Gogh and Monet, protagonists of the Japonisme movement. The work of Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), the undisputed master of the kawaie (which literally means “images of the Floating World”), active between the end of the eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth century, is vast and versatile. It was widely spread over time thanks to the numerous followers.